Rotational moulding is a manufacturing process for thermoplastic materials that allows hollow articles to be produced of any shape or size. It technology is particularly suited for use in the production of small series of articles, even geometrically complex ones, particularly of large size and hollow articles. The process began to be used typically for containers, taking advantage of the fact that hollow articles could be produced without the subsequent need to weld or assemble. Applications have multiplied, thanks to the continuing development of research applied to the polymers used in the process.

Main advantages of the rotational moulding process:

  • Low start-up costs: small initial investissement compared with the productive capacity available;
  • Versatile process: Parts can be manufactured with inserts moulded in and surface textures and effects reproduced with relative ease. Moulds which differ greatly in shape and size can be can be run simultaneously on the same equipment.
  • Flexible process: Rotational moulding can be run for one of products if necessary, making the process ideal for small to medium sized batch runs.
  • Wall thickness: Rotomoulded products offer a uniform wall thickness of between 3-5mm and in some cases up to 8/9mm – depending on the application.
  • Surface texture: Different surface textures can be easily achieved on any product
  • Materials and colors: We offer a choice of different grades of materials and a large choice of colors.



The rotational molding process uses biaxial rotation and high temperature to fill the mold and form the plastic part or component. The rotomolding process is ideal to produce large, hollow, one-piece parts.

ROTOINVENT operate two type rotational molding machines:

  • CARROUSEL 3 fixed arms – ø2800 mm
  • CARROUSEL 2 independent arms – ø2000 mm
  • SHUTTLE – ø1800 mm The rotomolding machine's arms move independently from one another allowing a variety of mold sizes with different receipts for heating and thickness.
  • CNC Robotic arm



Below are shots of ROTOINVENT’s rotomolding process