Complete solutions from a single source

With our knowledge and experience of the rotational moulding industry, we can provide a full rotational moulding service, from initial concepts through to final production. We can assist in all aspects of the product development - the manufacturing process and the final finishing and assembly of your product. Specialized in design and manufacturing of added value products, we will be glad to realize any molds and rotоmoulding products on demand. Our integrated service includes product design, tool making and the moulding process, all under the same roof.


We offer product development services to optimize your design specifically for the rotational molding process. The rotomolding process offers many unique advantages to other plastic processes. To maximize these benefits, virtually all early stage product development will require some refinement.
We’ll suggest ways to reduce cost, shorten production cycles, minimize seams, simplify and speed assembly, strengthen walls and corners, improve rigidity, enhance textures, add thermal value, locate graphic placement, and simply help improve the product’s design or function. 
ROTOINVENT's engineers use SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to optimize product design, reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality.  Using this software we can move new products through the design and prototype cycles very quickly.



One of the hallmarks of the rotation molding process is the relatively low cost of tooling for prototyping and ultimately production runs. ROTOINVENT is a leader in tool design, mold making and mold fabrication services ensuring customers the most economically efficient path to market.
Once our team has helped to optimize your design for the rotomold process, we'll manufacture your tooling and either ship to your molder and we'll put it into production. Depending on the nature of the final part, RotoInvent can produce and supply cast aluminium molds, CNC aluminium molds or fabricated molds in metal sheet.



We have the capacity and the flexibility to mold your products or parts to meet your schedule. With our molding arms constantly in process we can manufacturer quickly, or build inventory as required. We deliver quality products and are committed to longterm sustainability programs in our products, processes and materials.
The RotoInvent Advantage extends to complete outsourcing of assembly and sub-assembly operations including steel fabrication, assembly, welding and packaging services.